Dice Tower Deluxe

In this show, we talk about Magnum Opus, Who Stole the Cookie?, Istanbul, Heroes Wanted, and Thunder Alley.  We hear about Hoity Toity, 3D printing, bad game design, and more!  We answer questions, and end the show talking about whether or not we get to play our favorite games enough.


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In this episode, we take a look at Heartland, Imperial Settlers, Destination Neptune, and Firefly: Pirates.  We hear about a dangerous woman, discuss whether or not boardgaming has become less fun for us, and answer a pile of other questions.  We end the show with our top ten games that teach or feature logic!

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In this episode, we take a look at Shadowrun Crossfire, Russian Railroads, Roads and Boats, Battle Sheep and more!  We discuss the Dice Tower Convention 3, point out Tom's glaring error, and talk about the future of the show.  Finally, we talk about what games to take with you to the South Pole!

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In this show, recorded live at Dice Tower Conventioni 2014, Tom and Eric are joined by a host of contributors to announce and present the best games of 2013 - the Dice Tower Award winners.  We also talk a bit about the convention, and are joined by Sam and Zee to answer questions from the audience.

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In this show, Tom goes to the floor of Origins and talks to random people he meets about the show.  Eric interviews his sons about their experiences, and we talk about the highlights of the Origins Game Fair 2014.

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