Dice Tower Deluxe

In this show, we take a look at Battlelore 2, Evil Intent, Hollywood, Nations, What The Food?, and DC Deckbuilding: Heroes Unite. We also hear a stunning tale of dice horror, answer a pile of questions, and then talk about our favorite games from five years ago - 2009.

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It's 2014 - huzzah!  In this show, Eric and Tom take a look at King & Assassin, Viva Topo, Baba Yaga, Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts, and Among the Stars: Ambassadors.  Greg visits an interesting gaming store in New York, Brian compares Merchants of Venus with Firefly, Geoff seems to forget something, Mark reviews Loka, Tish talks more about gaming groups, and Bill examines conventions as social events.  We also discuss how to run a Wits and Wagers gaming event, a tale of true horror, and our gaming resolutions for 2014.  Oh yeah, and we kick off our Kickstarter for 2014!

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It's the second and better part of our End-of-the-year look back on 2013!  This time we talk about our favorite cooperative game, the most innovative game, the strangest game, the best expansion, best reprint, biggest brainburner, best gaming event, and more!  We end the episode with our top ten games of 2013! (for now).

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We kick off the first half of our mega show, in which we take a detailed look at the year 2013 - in regards to gaming.  Joined by a host of contributors, we talk about the year as a whole, the biggest news stories of the year, our biggest positive suprises, the biggest dissapointments, the games with the best components and those with the best artwork, the best card games, the best party games, the best kids games, and the best family games.  Whew - what a year!

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Looking for someone to help with Dice Tower Deluxe!  Email me if interested!

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