Dice Tower Deluxe

In this episode, Tom muses about different types of games, and Chief comes to the grand finale of his gaming group. Geoff talks about crowdsourcing, Eric goes over a ton of new games he played at Conn Con, and we review several games, including Abaddon and Lords of Waterdeep.  We finish up the show talking about our favorite types of interaction.

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It's our big 250th episode!  We are joined by dozens of people, friends from past and present, to talk about the history of the show and just celebrate.  We also take a look at our top ten Dice Tower Episodes of all time.

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In this episode, Tom and Eric answer quite a few of your questions, including faults in games they love. We also review a whole pile of games, including Wiz War, Rex, Pirates of Nassau, Rocket Jockey, King of Tokyo, and more!

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