Dice Tower Deluxe

In this episode, we take a look at GenCon, the largest gaming convention in America, for 2011. Tom mentions 30 games that listeners should check out, Geoff and Ryan weigh in, and Eric talks about his top ten experiences of the convention.

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In this episode, Tom and Eric are joined by a plethora of others to announce the Dice Tower Awards, talking about the best games of 2010.

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In this episode, we answer a pile of questions from listeners, and talk about our ideas for the perfect game room.

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In this episode, we continue our current contest, Geoff takes a look at polyhedral dice, and Moritz gets LOUD about games! We discuss 17 new games in 20 minutes, or so. We also talk about our games we are interested at seeing at GenCon, and talk about the perfect location for a game store.

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In this episode, we answer a ton of user questions, continue our contest, and learn about silent games from Moritz. We end the episode with our top ten games from Asmodee Editions.

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