Dice Tower Deluxe

This is a special preview for Origins Game Fair 2009. Mark discusses taking your kids to Origins; Tom asks some questions about Puffing Billy, and Mary and Brad give some good tips for newcomers. Want to know what's going on, and what to see and do? Check out this episode!

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In this show, Giles raves about Red November, Moritz explains a game you've likely never heard of, and Mark talks about Warhammer Quest. Tom and Sam then spend the rest of the show talking about cooperative games - listing the major ones, and explaining why they are cooperative, and what makes them bad/good. We also answer a few questions near the end.

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In this episode, originally aired October 26, 2005, we ended one contest, and announce a new contest for Memoir '44 and all its expansions!. We review Beowulf and Formula De, and answer several user and random questions. Finally, we top the episode off with my top ten auction games, and Joe's top ten card driven war games.

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