Dice Tower Deluxe

In this show, Tom and Sam talk about the best trading games, and Geoff talks about the mechanics of trading. We start a new contest to win Age of Steam, talk about some upcoming games and news. Moritz reviews the "living card game" from Fantasy Flight, and Mark reviews Red November. Finally, we review nineteen games in nineteen minutes!

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In this episode, Tom and Sam review Battlestar Galactica, while Geoff goes over evolution-themed games. Giles talks about a game expo in Australia, and Tom and Sam mention several recently played games. Finally, we talk about the Spiel des Jahres, talking about the game that SHOULD have won, and finishing with our top ten Spiel des Jahres games.

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This is the last in a three-parter in which Tom interviews several publishers about what to expect from their companies in 2009. In this segment, Tom talks with Gamewright Games, Z-Man Games, Treefrog, Valley Games, and Jolly Roger Games.

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