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In this episode, Geoff talks about the process to bring Agricola to English-speaking folk, while Mark talks about games he's looking forward to playing in 2008. We review Jamaica, Super Hero, and The Amazing Space Venture - and do a comparison of 1960 to Twilight Struggle. We mention a sad story about Shadows over Camelot, and discuss a few questions about gaming. Finally, we talk about our favorite mass market games.

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Originally posted August 4, 2005 - Joe and Tom spend a lot of time answering listener questions and talking about Origins 2005. They review Arkham Horror and B-17, and then discuss the top ten games that they saw at Origins 2005.

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In this episode, Tom previews a few new games, and reviews Antler Island and Plataeu. Sam and Tom discuss recent games, including Monopoly: Tropical Tycoon, while Mortiz discusses suspense in games. Paul and Mark talk about war games, Geoff asks an intriguing question, and Giles and others give us some more strategy. We announce the winners to our Christmas contest, as well as start a new contest for E.T.I. Finally, we end the show with our top ten Most Played Games List.

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