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In this episode, we discuss some recently played games, as well as continue our Christmas contest! Moritz talks about tension in games, Geoff discusses the good old days of PBEM, and Mary gives a report from BGG.con. We discuss being Game snobs, the Golden Geek awards, Condottiere, and some random strategy tips. We end out the show by discussing the top ten games from Mayfair.

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In this episode, originally aired July 21, 2005, Tom and Joe discuss several games they've played, and review In a Pickle and The Perfect Ten. They discuss their turkeys and kangaroos - games that have changed over time; and argue over whether Memoir '44 is a simulation or not. Joe gives a war story, and the they end the show with their top ten game companies.

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In this episode, we hear from Paul and Geoff; and discuss a pile of games that we've recently played. We review both Starcraft: the Board Game and Monopoly: Tropical Tycoon. Random Strategy Tips are included, with a few questions - and we finish off the show with our top ten "gateway" games.

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Originally posted July 11, 2005 - this episode of the Dice Tower has us reviewing Granny Apples and Sword of Rome. We talk about our turkeys and kangaroo games, discuss some thoughts about the complexity of war games, and mention the Meeples Choice Awards. We have the worst session report of all time flanked with our top ten Gateway games, and asnwer a pile of questions along the way.

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In this show, Geoff continues to talk about the Prisoner's Dilemma, and Moritz mentions the greatest games that never were. Mary gives tips on going to Essen, and Eric gives us the latest gaming news. There's a pile of random strategy tips, another pile of questions, and finally the Top Ten Kosmos Two Player Games, given by Greg, Tom and Sam.

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